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Thanks for doing such a great job!!!

Attached is a print out of what I wrote when I put you on Angie's List.

I hope it brings you some good business! I'll thank North Star for recommending you!

Deb Shay, Bloomington, MN 8/31/2007

The recent storm uprooted our giant Colorado Blue Spruce, and knocked it into one of our Maple trees. Jacobsen Tree Experts, Inc. got here immediately, and removed the entire tree...along with the damaged branches on our Maple Tree. Our regular tree service (North Star) recommended them, since they were in the middle of a huge job with trees on a home. It was an excellent recommendation from North Star Tree (which tells you a lot about that company, as well)!

Jacobsen Tree Experts, Inc. did a wonderful job. They took great care in protecting our Maple Tree from further damage (from the Blue Spruce laying on it). Jacobsen removed the Spruce branch-by-branch without even damaging any of our plants or our lawn! They removed the damaged branches from our Maple Tree. All the debris was carefully removed, and chipped. Jacobsen also raked our yard clean. I am very pleased with the fact they got here quickly and did such a thorough, excellent job!

I really appreciated the fine service and the attitude of the workers. They were really courteous and friendly. Their work was really profficient...they knew what they were doing. I would recommend your tree service to anyone. Thanks for a difficult job that was well done.

Burnell Pudwill, Flandreau, SD, Summer 2007

I had extensive tree damage as a result of the August 10, 2007 storm in Bloomington. Bill Jacobsen and his crew cut, trimmed and cleaned this huge mess beyond my expectations. The work included large tree and trunk removal, high tree trimming, large branches in precarious positions and the protection of the house and out buildings. Each endeavor was performed with skill and care; a small outbuilding was treated with the same respect as my house.

While they worked I left my house unlocked and open to their use: I had no reservations.

Please accept this letter as my unqualified recommendation of Bill and his crew. Contact information is below; please feel free to call or email me. I should add that I have had no contact with this firm prior to today; I will however, call them whenever I need help with any tree work in the future.

Sincerely, Richard Quist, Bloomington, MN, (952) 831-7251, rkquist@comcast.net

Resolution for City of Grand Forks, North Dakota

WHEREAS, on the evening of August 8th, a microburst storm presented itself over the Grand Forks community with winds of 114 miles per hour; causing significant property damage and massive tree loss; and

WHEREAS, owner Bill Jacobsen understood what Grand Forks went through, and in sympothy to our needs, dispatched 18 crew members, 5 aerial trucks, some chippers and logger machines to assist the city with the monumental cleanup task; and

WHEREAS, your crews through tireless efforts provided major assistance in removing 7200 tons of debris and worked in tandem with the Grand Forks Park District, North Dakota Department of Transportation, the North Dakota National Guard and City of Grand Forks personnel to keep our city safe; and

WHEREAS, all services provided by your company were provided at no charge to the City of Grand Forks; and

WHEREAS, Grand Forks is a community that treasures and appreciates the trees that soften our flat prairie landscape;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Grand Forks, by this action of the Mayor and City Council, does hereby wish to express its heartfelt thanks to owner Bill Jacobsen and his employees. The Grand Forks City Council and the Mayor commend your company for their community service through this generous effort. Thank you.

Dated this 27th day of August, 2001.

Michael R. Brown, Mayor

Community Spirit Award is presented to Bill Jacobsen
We wish to express our appreciation to you for the contributions you have made to the people of our community. Your donation of 18 workers, 3 chippers, 5 aerial lifts, and 1 log loader has more than tripled the clean-up capability for the city of Grand Forks. Your donation has benefited the people, businesses, and city of Grand Forks in many ways. Your efforts have set a renowned example of community spirit and we, Community National Bank, KCNN/KLITE, and KVLY TV would like to salute you for making this a better place for all of us.

This 23rd day of August, 2001

To all-

thank you for coming to Charlotte!

Signed John & staff

LOF Productions

Reliable Tree Service Staff,

We lost our home on June 24, 2003 to a tornado. We had heard that Reliable Tree Service picked up our trees and even pulled a few trees for us. How do we thank you for your kindness. We are greatly thankful for everything you did for us. May you have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Gary & Cheryl, Hartford, SD

Dear Mr. Jacobsen

You have a very fine tree service-I want to compliment Jon Tjaden and Jason Ross for their outstanding work. They were very professional, and did an excellent job. I am sure my husband and I join many in Lexington, Kentucky-pleased with your services.

Sincerely, Frances Cox, March 7, 2003

Bill and Shorty,

Thanks for the work. Cindy and I could not have gotten that mess across the street without the T300. You guys made it look easy. Many people don't appreciate professionals and efficient work. They just wish they could be that good.

Ms. Baker, Bagdad, FL, December 2004

On May 1st your crew of Nick, Tom and Jon helped us remove a big oak tree that was over hanging 3 trailor homes. I want to compliment you of such a professional and pleasant to work with group of guys. Please forward this thank you to Nick, Tom and Jon. I think they could use an extra Christmas bonus for doing a job like they did in 1 day.

Yours truly, John, Herman, MN

Thank you to Bill Jacobsen and Tom Danzeisen. The place looks great.

Urma, Sioux Falls, SD

Thank you to Mike Harrington for coming on such short notice, and doing such a nice job!

Lori, Sioux Falls, SD

Thank you to Tom Danzeisen for your prompt and careful attention to my tree problem. Much appreciated.

Randall, Sioux Falls, SD

To all the very good Jacobsen's and their crew-thank you!! We still do not have a roof-hope things can be done by next xmas.

Robert, Kissimmee, FL

Thank you for a great job! I'm very pleased with the 'new look'! (Jason Ross, Eduardo Contreras and Thor Jacobsen).

Beulah, Granite Falls, MN

Attention Bill:

I would like to share this letter with you from one of our customers that complained about the way a fruit tree was trimmed. Your suggestion of giving her brochures and meeting with her gave her a better understanding why the tree was trimmed the way it was. It's a pleasure working with your company.

Thank you, Mark, Sioux Valley Energy

Nick Anspach did a great job! We are very pleased. Hopefully our grass will grow now!

Thank you, Nancy and Lou